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Why Do You need to pay the $52.30 Registration fee?

  1. For only $50, you can take the placement test and receive a $15 discount on any lesson you purchase! Rest assured that your transaction will be secured with an additional $2.00 fee and a $0.30 fee for credit card transactions. 

  2. After completing the registration process, we will promptly contact you to set up the placement test at your convenience.

  3. After completing the placemat test, you'll be well on your way to selecting the ideal service that we can provide for you. Our classes are tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. 

  4. We always strive to provide you with the best options. If we cannot offer the exact service you are looking for, we will present you with other great alternatives. If you are still unsatisfied and decide not to take the placement test, we will refund your $50 registration fee with pleasure. However, if you choose to take the test, we will refund $15 of the registration fee. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

  5. The extra fees incurred are related to the transaction and beyond our control. Therefore, we are unable to refund the additional $2.30. 


You can pay with a check or money order. Please make it payable to Juan P. Ceballos, the founder,  and send it to 6803 Emlen St, APT 12, Philadelphia, PA 19119.  Terms and conditions apply

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