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Services for Instructors

Manage your own time and decide your rate

Steps to Apply


Send your resume to


Check the description, bonuses, and requirements at the bottom


The interview will happen after we check your resume and talk to you on the phone about our terms and conditions. If we hire you, we will call you back to start any training necessary.

More Information



Español and English Private Tutoring LLC (E&EPT) is a company that provides services to both students and Spanish and English tutors. We find students for you, you set up your rate, and we will take care of marketing and selling your services. We will also guide you through the process of getting more students. This job is ideal for tutors who already have experience teaching Spanish and/or English and want to have more clients. It is also suitable for private tutors who are planning on being independent and need a start to find new customers. We will charge you 16.6% per hour from the amount you charge per hour. If you make more than $40 per hour, we will charge 30% of your hourly rate. This will cover our marketing efforts, including staff members with experience selling services and products. 


Bonuses are available after six months of working with us. You will receive bonuses depending on how many students we can match you with. 


  1. You will need at least an associate's degree in any field.

  2. To teach Spanish, you will need to read, comprehend, talk and listen in English. Your English does not need to be perfect, but it should be good enough. 

  3. Only Spanish or English. We prioritize teachers whose first language is the language they will be teaching. If the language you will be teaching is your second language, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge with an oral test we will give you on the phone. 

  4. We prefer tutors with experience teaching. But we are willing to train suitable candidates. 

  5. You also need good customer and social skills.

  6. Every tutor will need to have their material to teach, or we can rent books and materials if the instructor needs them. 

  7. For classes online, you will need a good internet connection.

  8. We have an office dress code that all teachers will need to follow.

  9. Tutors must commit to their teaching level until the student or students finish it. The exception will be if the student or students decide not to continue. 

  10. Terms and conditions apply, and we will provide them before tutors start giving classes. 

  11. Every instructor will receive training depending on what we consider they need. This is to help them match our customer service standards. All personnel training is part of the price we will charge for our services. In other words, personnel training is free. The most common training services we offer are:

  • Customer Service.

  • Teaching Methods.

  • Grammar.

  • Technical Support Training for Those Teaching Online.

  •  Marketing and Negotiation Techniques. 

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